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Content strategist

I'm a freelance / consultant content strategist. i've worked for agencies and directly for large consumer brands and publishers, helping them to understand what their content is for and what content they should have.

If you think your content needs a strategy (and believe me, it does), I can help you with:

  • Content propositions - what is your content for, what does it promise, what will it deliver?
  • Workflow evaluation - are you producing it the right way?
  • Content audits - does what you've got match what you need? Is it good enough?
  • Recommended formats - video, text, imagery and interactive. What's right for your site?
  • Governance - editors and authors. Who is responsible for what both day to day and strategically?
  • Metadata - strategy, approach, and implementation. How can users, authors and search engines find and understand your content?
  • Site structure - sitemaps, wireframes, components, templates
  • SEO - see my SEO consultant page for that ...
  • Social media - how can you earn likes/tweets, how can you persuade people to share your content, and how can you persuade them to like you?

If you don't want any of that, cross your fingers and repeat three times "build it and they will come". (They won't come).