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Google Instant filters misfire on video search

October 19, 2010 4 Comments

You may remember that when Google Instant launched (which shows suggestions and results based on what you're typing) that its rude words filter was a bit off - allowing paki jokes and kiddie fiddler but banning lesbian and funbags.

Search Engine Land has pointed out that the Google Images filter is allowing soft-porn suggestions through, such as "girls breastfeeding each other", noting wryly that:

this is the company that won’t suggest anything at all [in its web search] if you type in the letters “lesb,” because apparently suggestions related to the word “lesbian” might be too much for the average searcher to take.

Google Video has similar problems it would seem. Start typing [lesb] (letters that would stop any suggestions or results in normal Google web search) and you get odd misspellings of lesbian, such as "lesbienn women having sex in bed". The top results include a video of "young lesbians tongue kissing sexy milf naked".

young lesbians tongue kissing sexy milf naked

young lesbians tongue kissing sexy milf naked

Similarly, type [sex] into Google video, and you get suggestions like "sexist video of man and woman sexing":

"]Suggestions as you type [sex]

Suggestions as you type [sex

The results for this look a bit rude:

"]Results for [sexist video of man and woman sexing]

Results for [sexist video of man and woman sexing

A bit more work to do on the filter, then, if it is aimed at protecting people from being automatically exposed to this stuff as they type innocent search terms in...

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