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ITV: Please sort out your Champions League site

August 18, 2009 3 Comments

The Champions League starts today. And ITV seem to have cocked up their website.

If you go to and click 'Champions League' at the top, you go to (first picture - still showing last season's final). champions league page champions league page

Clicking 'Video' on the left hand menu takes you to, shown below.

The site

The site

Under the heading 'watch now', this site says: " is the new home of football video online ... Check out more match action, interviews and exclusive content on our Video Wall of Football."

Clicking these words takes you back to, er, the first URL I gave.

I'm not sure which site I'd rather they used when they decide where in this infinite loop I should stop.

Should I be forced to get the Silverlight plugin to watch's videos?

Or should I give up as says "You will need a broadband connection using Microsoft Internet Explorer on a PC - unfortunately at the moment the service is not available to view on Mac operating systems. We are not yet supporting Windows Vista as the media player supplied is not yet supported by Microsoft."

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  • Gary Andrews says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I think you've already chatted to one of my colleagues over Twitter about this, but just thought I'd add to it on here for anybody who'd missed it.

    I think your post was written an hour or two before the site was due to be changed over and updated for the Champions League kick-off between Arsenal and Celtic. If you pop back to the site now you'll see it's very different from your post yesterday.

    Our Sports Editor has also written a quick piece explaining how the rights for the Champions League have changed this season and what it means to in terms of video and catch-up (the link's here - I know you're not keen on having links in comments, but thought it was important to get this in as it responds and clarifies nicely some of the points raised).

    A quick bit about the video - we are doing an overhaul of video viewing on the site. It's still being tested at the moment but change should be coming on this front (and I can let you know on Twitter when it does).

    Yes, we are listening to what football fans are saying and asking for, and yes, we can always do things better (in this case maybe getting the site changed an hour or two earlier) - and please do continue to keep talking and blogging about what we do. User feedback is invaluable to us, good or bad, and there's always something we can learn from it.

    But we've definitely not cocked up our website - we were just a little behind a few insatiable Champions League fans :)

    • Hi Gary, links are fine (it's ones from comment spammers who just say 'great post' that I object to). And thanks for stopping by to explain.

      It wasn't the updating I was particularly bothered about - it was the fact that clicking video took you to somewhere that took you back to where you started. All of which left me v confused. Anyway, as you say, all fixed / being sorted now.

      While you're here .... I find the font very small on the site. But opting to make the font size larger via my browser really breaks the layout (on both Safari and Firefox on a Mac).

      Anyway, cheers for taking the time to comment (I've already RTed the link to the rights explanation).

      • Gary Andrews says:

        Thanks Malcolm. Yeah, it probably wasn't ideal that the links were a bit confusing on the old site (which may well have been a consequence of the fact we were about to move things around). As I say, I think this was just an unfortunate matter of tinming :)

        That's interesting about the font size. I'll pass it onto someone more technical than me to have a look at.

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