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Quidco UK cashback review: free money doesn’t arrive

August 17, 2008 8 Comments

I needed an ISA. I didn't care which. So I got a Legal & General one via Quidco.

If you don't know it, Quidco is a marketing/affiliate site that shares commission from clickthroughs with you. If you go to a company by clicking its link on the Quidco site, Quidco gets paid if you buy something. It then gives some of the money to you.

In the case of taking out a Legal and General ISA, you get paid £120. Allegedly.

Quidco: Where's my £120?

I'm not getting my £120, however. The tracking system uses cookies to identify who should get the lead - ie who should be credited when one site sends a customer to another site. A system that seems fundamentally flawed to me.

Legal and General advertises all sorts of places. So if I see its advert on lots of sites before I go to the Legal and General site, it decides which site should get the commission. If it's Quidco, you get the cashback. If they award the lead to someone else, you don't.

I got 31p ...

When I bought 5 itunes songs via Quidco, I got my free 31p. Whoopee. So the system can work.

but that's it

There was no sign of my £120, so I queried this. I've ben told Legal and General have awarded the lead to a competing site. I haven't been told which one. And this is complete rubbish anyway - I only went to the Legal and General site from Quidco. Did I see an ad somewhere else? Possibly. But the only place I clicked a link to go there was Quidco (I've checked my history file).

So the Quidco cashback system seems fundamentally flawed to me - there's no way to tell whether you're actually going to get the cashback even if you appear to do everything you should. And the judge of this is not you or Quidco, but the company - Legal and General in this case. And as Quidco says, there's no point contacting them about it. (Press 7 for queries about our internet marketing program ...)

I won't be bothering again.

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  • The Same happened to me. I saw More Than home insurance advertised on the internet. Went through the Quidco site and purchased it. Six months later I was informaed that I woouldn't be getting my £70 as it had be awarded to someone else! I only went through the Quidco site and bought it through them.

    What a waste of time.

  • I went through Quidco to buy an ipod touch from Dixons in January 2010 and queried why I had not received any cashback today, only to be told that I was out of time I should have queried within 10 weeks! .. It does not say anything like that in their customer T&C, it says Quidco collect the cashback and pass it on!! ... So yes for me a complete waste of time, or is quidco pocketing the cashback we are all due?? I wonder?

  • Quidco closed my friends account as I got him to buy something for me and he had to submit an enquiry. They said he'd broke the T&C's and closed his account. He lost all of his previously earned money and they stopped replying to his emails. I use TopCashback myself now who are great and answer any queries personally and fast.

  • So, it turns out that if I get Legal and General ISA the only thing I get back is the contented smiles of Quidco. No, thanks.

  • bill says:

    ...and me - bought Swiftcover car insurance through the Quidco site and now been informed my claim has been declined and will not be getting my £20 cashback - complete rip off and waste of space!!

  • Jane1222556 says:

    Quidco took £500 and closed my account just a few days after they were paid by the merchant. They are a total scammers.

  • Craig says:

    I have had the same problems, supposed to get £150 for buying an iPhone which i ordered a YEAR ago, complete joke of a company dont waste your time

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