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6 tiny New Year’s resolutions for newspapers

January 5, 2011 2 Comments

Here are a few small changes I'd like to see newspaper websites make in 2011. If you could just get someone to sort these out, that would be great, thanks.

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions

Mirror: stop with the Tynt overkill

Tynt is the thing that, when you copy some text from a webpage, adds some extra text to what you copy (explanation - and in video form).

Newspapers usually use it to add read more and then the URL to whatever you copied. The Mirror adds a sodding advert to it. This makes something that's  a bit annoying really annoying.

Look, this is what you end up with (I only selected the bit in quotes to copy):

“The intensity of the bruising and swelling would suggest a surgical procedure.”

Read more:

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Mail Online: fix your tweet button

Please fix the tweet button on your stories so that, when you click it, it adds the headline to the tweet box and not just a shortened URL.

Having to type the headline each time I want to share a Mail story is really annoying (especially as you use Tynt so you can't copy and paste the headline without then having to delete the URL).

Guardian: make it easier to find your minute by minutes

I enjoy the Guardian's minute-by-minute / clockwatch / over-by-over coverage of sports - I think they do it really well.

However, I often seem to want to access it on my mobile when I can't do so easily. Either because I'm in the middle of nowhere and mobile coverage is poor (as with my in-laws' house over Christmas trying to follow the Ashes) or because I'm at the Emirates and 60,000 other people are trying to use their mobiles at the same time.

Anyway, it would be cool if the Guardian set up a short URL -, say - that always redirected to the latest minute by minute page. That way I could bookmark that one URL and always go directly to what I want, without having to go via the sports category page first.

Guardian: speed up your mobile site

On the subject of the Guardian's minute-by-minute reports, the mobile site version always seems to be 10 minutes behind the full web version.

I've noticed this with the cricket and football live coverage lately. I don't know if it's a caching problem somewhere - maybe even out of the Guardian's control.

But if someone could fix it, please. I can't bear to use the mobile site (which I like) knowing that if I switched to the web version it's much more up to date.

Times: make your mind up with the paywall

I've been enjoying the Times coverage of the Ashes - that's because I've been reading it online for free. Mwah hah hah.

If you take a URL like, say, and try to get there, you hit the paywall.

Replace "sport" in the URL with "public" and you can read the cricket content for free:

I don't really know why they do this but it seems a bit odd. Only works with the cricket stories, sadly ... But they should stop it - or advertise it.

Mirror: Buy the online rights to photos

When I look at some stories in the morning they say "See the picture in today's Daily Mirror newspaper". Sometimes (as with this story) later in the day the picture is added.

Read the paper to see the picture

Read the paper to see the picture

This really annoys me and makes me not want to click on your stories in the morning.

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