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Samsung Omnia i900 review

October 22, 2008 2 Comments

I upgraded from the Nokia N95 to the Samsung Omnia i900. Am I pleased with it? Yes. Are there some things it could do a lot better? Yes. Would I go back to the N95 if it wasn't broken? Possibly ...

Samsung Omnia

Samsung Omnia

This is that rare thing - a review of a mobile phone where the purchaser doesn't claim it's rubbish and going straight back, or the best thing ever. It's a mixed review - the omnia is one of those bits of technologies that feels like it was released 6 months early.

Samsung Omnia: good points

The touch screen is good, obviously. It's nice and big (not as big as the iphone's), and display photos well. It looks good. There are loads of features - it does pretty much everything.

And it connects via pop3 to get my emails better and more easily than most computers I have tried to set this up on. This is the reason I'm keeping it - it's brilliant.

What the Samsung Omnia could do better

Here are its major drawbacks:

  1. Have you seen the stylus? It dangles from your ear like a stupid earring. You can't dispense with it as some functions require very precise screen touching, and my fingers are too fat to do this without the styles. Yours will be too.
  2. The flash on the camera is rubbish. I read this somewhere, but thought it couldn't be true. It is - any close photos taken with the flash are completely over exposed. This is one of the main reasons I might have gone back to the N95 ...
  3. Windows 6.1 is a bit rubbish. At times, the phone is slow to respond, so you end up pressing the buttons repeatedly, and then of course it all goes wrong. This happens particularly with web browsing. You think the page has loaded, so you try to scroll down. Nothing happens, so you try some more. Then you shoot to the bottom of the page.
  4. The touchscreen doesn't always give feedback. Sometimes it vibrates. Sometimes it doesn't. I'm sure there's a logic but I haven't worked it out.
  5. And finally, and this might be me, it's actually slower to type using the touchscreen than to use two thumbs on a normal mobile. I think this is because you have to pull your fingers / the stylus completely clear, whereas with normal phones you don't. Anyway, it's slow.

Overall though, despite all this, I'm keeping it, mostly because of the email. But if I were Samsung, I'd bring out a version in 6 months with the stylus integral to the phone, a camera that works, and a slightly better web browser.

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  • javed says:

    I have read many reviews on this phone and this one is the most accurate and concise. I also had the N95 prior to this phone and must say that there is no comparison in camera quality. The N95 wins hands down. The touchscreen is good but if you compare this with how the iphone works, again the the Omnia comes across as a much inferior product. I find that I just give up - i rarely use it to surf, I find it difficult to get to where i want quickly and easily and so i hope software upgrades improve it. I would ahev taken it back but I had it longer than 14 days which meant i could not return it.....

  • andrex says:

    You are right but the main reason I dont like this phone is that Samsung are the worst compant ever to deal with mine has been with Samsung longer than I have had it, They are the most arrogant staff to deal with stay well clear of this product and buy an I phone or Nolia is my advise I wish I had.

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