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Personalised search: SEO just changed forever

December 5, 2009 4 Comments

Google's rolling out personalised search to everyone, even if you're not signed in:

It means that:

  • The results you see aren't what everyone else sees, making SEO analysis that much harder.
  • If you do a rubbish job of selling your site (either through the title in the results, or in terms of what they see when they click through) to people who commonly perform the same search, your site is going to drop down their result eventually.


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  • Jonathan says:

    It's all about great content content content most people are wanting the perfect system before they jump in. with new media you can do video with a $200 flip cam write articles and answer question. It's about interaction with people where they are and giving great or een good content.


  • Andy says:

    Am I the only person who sees the black-hatted downfall of this feature?

    Once upon a time, I knew of a guy running a company out of India, who had an army of people who would do the following for each of his clients:

    Dialup on AOL
    Search Google for client product or service
    Randomly click 2-3 client COMPETITOR ads
    Sign out
    Dialup on AOL
    Search Google... you get the point.

    This was the crudest form of click fraud, and it worked. It killed client budgets, to the point where their CPL/CPA was so low they stopped advertising all together.

    What is stopping someone starting the same spammy business, getting people to search for a term, and always click on a client site, bumping it up in personalised search, which will no doubt be an included factor in Google's general algo.

    Just my 2p/c etc

    • Kyle says:

      what i think is incorrect about your assumptions here andy, is that yes, while someone can come in and click on a client's site to make it rank better, it's only going to theoretically rank better for them, not necessarily for their client - hence, the personalization.

      the more obvious route, as an seo, to take when helping your clients from here on out, imo, would be to boost brand awareness as much as possible. to create content and buzz about the things you want to be found for, and engage your visitors as much as possible. this will help you in the personalized rankings because they'll have visited your site multiple times, for the same relative things.

      the increase in this engagement, and hopefully - general traffic overall - will help your rankings hopefully in searches by others who are searching for the content you employ on your site, for the first time. this process of engagement will most likely be slow moving in the beginning, and i would imagine, would grow much in the same fashion as the snowball rolling down a hill example in cartoons. the more snow getting packed on, the bigger it gets. [snow is related to visitors, the snowball is your website traffic and rankings, and as you get more visitors continuously coming to the site, the ball gets bigger].

      as we inform and teach our clients about the rights and wrongs and the companies that will take advantage of them, they will learn to stay away, and not click on the black hat companies [this is a dream, i know, but it could happen]. if we do that, the possibility of their traffic and rankings improving diminishes, along with their ability to provide their crap services. and now with personalized search being instilled anyway, it will be more difficult for them to spam the results as they did.

      just a small bit of my thoughts...

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