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SES London: the ultimate list of blogs about it

February 17, 2010 7 Comments

Let me know if I've missed anyone ...

Online marketing summit day (Monday 15 Feb)

10 expert tips on email marketing

Fiona Cullinan: "She promised seven tactics in the presentation but instead, I counted 30."

Social media best practices for marketers inside the brand

Fiona Cullinan: "This is his favourite stat: ‘If you’re under 25 and live in US, 5% of all the time you spend alive is spent on Facebook.’"

Day 1 (Tuesday 16 Feb)

Search Engine Strategies London 2010

Search Engine Strategies London 2010


Fiona Cullinan: "And why don’t we get the love from our execs? Because they just don’t get it. It’s a rare CFO or purse-string holder that gets internet culture and what they should pay and where."

SEOptimise: "The coverage on Twitter has been fantastic so I thought I’d try something different to show the best tweets from day one."

Adido Digital: "We've put together the top tweets from the day for those of you that didn't get to go and for those lucky people who are there but who couldn't see every session".

Return on Digital (video): "The first biggest change we saw this year was that there was a really big focus on analytics".

Other posts about day 1

Andrew R H Girdwood: "Turns out Google Buzz's search option isn't the best way to see what's been said ... The first thing to note is that Google Buzz's search does not do in-word phrase matches. Searching for #ses does not bring back buzzes for #ses1."

Be awesome: ideas for approaching search analytics differently

SEO Chicks: "Avinash is also a fan of tag clouds. I’ve yet to meet anyone who is, so this is rather refreshing."

Fresh Egg: “First click attribution [crediting conversions with original source] is a bit like giving credit to your first girlfriend to your current marriage” - a classic Kaushikism!

Introduction to search engine marketing

No blog posts I know of.

Introduction to analytics

adCenter Blog: "Trends should be identified as they happen and not after the event. If you are the first to notice, you could be the first to take action and advantage of any opportunity that presents itself."

Search Engine Watch: "Keyword trees, yes. Attribution analysis, sure. Monetizing the long tail, got that. Micro conversions, yep."

Duct Tape marketing: "What Web Analytics 2.0 attempts to do is also measure what they did there and why, through the use of tools like surveys that engage individual users."

From real time search to dynamic discovery

Fresh Egg: "I was hoping this session would cover the issue of how Google is incorporating links within tweets and realtime updates into its main index and importance algorithms. It didn’t come close."

SEO Chicks: "Issues exist around relevancy, understanding signal vs noise and developing sophisticated interpretative tools that incorporate behaviour, interaction, semantics and traditional taxonomic databases, to inform product behaviour."

Introduction to conversion optimisation

No blog posts I know of.

Beyond blue links

adCenter Blog: "1 in 3 queries are navigational. Only 1 in 4 queries deliver successful results! Since Search wasn't specifically built to help people accomplish tasks, research from Microsoft indicates that search sessions across all engines are often long and repetitive."

PPC or SEO? THe ultimate search marketing battle

Fresh Egg: "Dave Naylor talks about the way they do it monitoring rankings and traffic vs normalised search data from Google Insights API (I think) and constantly calculating average clickthrough rates for certain positions for non-branded keyphrases ... [He] mentioned the ‘cliff drop’ from #1 which might get 49% clickthrough to #2 (20% if you’re lucky) and lower."

Introduction to SEO

Adcenter blog: "Matt encouraged us to understand the language of customers and of the market and not to automatically use our jargon to describe products and offerings."

Meaningful SEO metrics

SEO Chicks: "There’s a final question about measuring Personalised Search, which in summary, is currently impossible."

Target Stone: "The days when upper management was impressed by subtle changes in Page Rank have been replaced by questions of LTV and ROI."

Managing a global SEO campaign

Multi lingual search: "My advice is quite clearly this; If you can use local domains - do. Only sectors which find it difficult to obtain local links at all (the adult zones) should opt from choice for a dot com."

Fresh Egg: "All in all, my feeling on this session overall is “meh” with a view “ooh” moments."

The basics of link building

Search Engine Watch (close enough to being about this session!): "some of the linkbuilding gems of wisdom that were being tweeted and re-tweeted live from the sessions."

Deep dive into analytics: when bounce rate no longer floats your boat

SEO Chicks: "Just because a deep dive is useful, going deeper may not be more useful. It might just be a total waste of time."

Industry specific search strategies: under the hood

Fresh Egg: "The problem is ... that all the talks are so short that speakers cram a shedload of good stuff into a verbal diahorrea of bullet points."

SEO Gadget: "By considering ways to link across vertical silos that otherwise may not recieve much juice, you may be improving a significant chunk of your overall search engine visibility."

State of the UK industry discussion panel

Fresh Egg: "I think it's short sighted to think that the recession won't touch search - it will, eventually, and just like in any industry the least efficient ones will be picked off first."

DAY TWO (Wednesday 17th February)

21 Secrets of top converting websites

Search Engine Watch: "Now, the average conversion rate for a website is around 3%, but many websites convert at 10% or higher. What do they do that you may not be doing?"

Microsoft Advertising Blog: "Traffic means little if you’re not working to have your visitors take an action – place an order, sign up for a news letter, navigate well and keep digging for more information."

SEO Chicks: "Dell decided to make just one change (two words) from “learn more” to “help me choose”. This change has made $10,000,000 over the years since change."

Andrew R H Girdwood: "There's clearly growing frustration at client-side IT departments. Bryan calls them BPUs - Business Prevention Units. He's not the only speaker to express annoyance with how hard it can be to move from recommending best practise to clients to actually getting that practise implemented."

State of Search: "We’re a bunch of scent following animals, and as soon as we lose the scent we drop off. Keep all design on brand and in line with the campaign. Tie in ppc ads into pages too. Victoria Secret does this very well by maintaining a consistent brand from banner to website to checkout."

Successful information architecture

Endeavour: "User expectance is different from IT view and SEO has to match user expectations, not IT."

Digital asset optimisation

No blog posts I know of.

Social media 101

adCenter Blog: "First things first, when thinking of setting up your campaign, you must, must, must consider your campaign objectives ... And more importantly, will the campaign fulfil each of these objectives?"

SEO Chicks: "200,000,000 blog out there in the interwebosphere, of which 54% post content of some sort DAILY. 34% of whom post product and service OPINION."

SEO where to next

Return on Digital (video interview with Dan Cohen, a member of the panel): "The most important thing you're aiming for when you're trying to develop an SEO program is authority."

SEO Chicks: "Googler in Norway confirmed that H1 tags not as important as 2 – 3 years ago. Stuff like optimum keyword density is bull. Of course title tags, internal linking is massive."

Andrew RH Girdwood: "Once Google finds one paid link they can often use that point to find more and signals that suggest even more. Google can decide to discount a link if it doesn't look right. They can be fairly atomic with their precision and take action against links or pages before targeting a whole site."

State of Search: "Local listings are becoming every popular as they are dominating the search results pages. More and more keywords are triggering local so be aware."

Introduction to paid search

No blog posts I know of.

Real time SEO: No more yesterday's news

Andrew R H Girdwood: "The [Guardian's] CMS makes use of "keyword pages". These aren't pages of automated content. These are automatically built pages from editorial content. How do they fair in Google's crawling; these pages are crawled every 30m by Google and this compares to 3m crawls of the Section pages."

Link building - Methods and risks

State of Search: "Buying links: Odds of getting penalised is very low, all top phrases are buying links yet are still operating. However here are the top 10 ways that will get you banned."

Best practices in offshore outsourcing for digital marketing

SEOFrancois: The powerpoint he gave is available here, plus some links.

Pushing content via XML, RSS and site maps

No blog posts I know of.

Digital media meets party politics

Parliamentary connections: "[Digital campaign staf] all agreed that the biggest impact of the Obama campaign has been to get them a seat at the top table. Whereas before Obama party bosses might have been tempted to treat social media as a sideshow ..."

Developing great content

adCenter blog: "Video is 50 times more likely to get first-page ranking that web text"

New affiliate opportunities and strategies

Magnus Nillson: "I feel that the session failed to deliver anything relevant to more than a handful of affiliate rookies ... in the UK there’s only about 500 affiliates that are actually making any decent money"

Social media and the marketing mix

SEO Chicks: "Mel ... gives an anecdote about a mobile company that urged people in an offline campaign to “search for I AM”, and they have to take out a huge paid campaign, as number 1 algo listing was a rather amusing, yet irreverant site something like"

State of Search: "If you only communicate about your own stuff you are less likely to be more interesting to those following you. Be sure to also spread information from others."

Black hat / white hat unconferenced

No blogs I know of.

Day 3 (Thursday 18 Feb)

A UK SEO: A brief overview of the day.

Social media metrics

State of Search: "It is about relationships, we need to listen carefully and we need to use that information to sell more of the marketing goals."

Search advertising tools

adCenter Blog: "During search sessions 42% of the time further keyword refinement was needed."

Introduction to information retrieval on the web

No blogs I know of.

Crossing borders: global site clinic

Webmaster radio FM: Radio interview with Andy Atkins-Kruger, Managing Director for WebCertain.

Advanced paid search techniques

Webmaster radio FM: Radio interview with John Marshall, SES Advisory Board and CTO, Market Motive.

Duplicate content and multiple site issues

No blogs I know of.

Tough live: Get your site tuned up

No blogs I know of.

Paid search, content networks and display

adCenter Blog: "Text on the world's first banner advert stated: "Ever click here? You will do". Did it make people click? No! Since those early days the ads have not really evolved."

Why does search get all the credit

No blogs I know of.

Augmented reality: It's a brave new world

No blogs I know of.

Paid search site clinic

No blogs I know of.

Search becomes the display OS

No blogs I know of.

Automating Twitter

A UK SEO: "t might be the case that in the next few years we are not using twitter. But if you have the process in place to monitor, engage, track that should able to be applied to the next platform."

Conversion site clinic

No blogs I know of.

Overall summaries of the conference

Fiona Cullinan: "Rather than regurgitate whole speeches, here’s what SEOs and marketing types from SES London are saying about Twitter for 2010 – at least in the sessions I attended: 1 Real-time search: be wary of the value of Twitter ..."

Let me know if I've missed any ...

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