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Clegg wins but Sun ignores its own poll again

April 30, 2010 2 Comments

I'm not quite sure why the Sun runs Sun Vote as it just ignores it (EG when its readers aren't that fussed over a hung parliament).

But its own on-site poll from last night about who won the debate (and unlike other sites, these aren't easy polls to vote in - you have to go through a lengthy sign-up process)  reveals that Clegg won. Asked "Who won the 3rd debate", Sun readers voted:

  • Nick Clegg 50.9%
  • David Cameron 29.6%
  • Gordon Brown 18.6%

Not sure how this squares with Clegg being toast as its main story says ...

Sun Vote results

Clegg: wins 3rd debate

Clegg: wins 3rd debate

Main story

Clegg: toast

Clegg: toast

What a surprise. Not.

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  • John Burt says:

    Well done, Malcolm,

    Congratulations on your piece about the Sun's readers' poll ("Sun Vote: making your voice heard!) on the debate! I was one of those who saw the poll in the short time it was there. When it disappeared, I kicked myself for not having taken a screenshot. I tried posting comments on readers' comment section for their lead story, but they go to a moderator and, not surprisingly did not appear. FYI, here are my attempts:

    The first:

    “You have splashed the following figures in your article:
    Cameron: 41%
    Clegg: 32%
    Brown: 25%

    You do not say where these figures come from - I assume from an independent poll, but why don't you attribute them? You make no mention of your online reader's poll which closed at 11:30 last night. Indeed, to find it, one has to click on the tiny, almost invisible "Sun Vote" link on the home page. Interestingly, your readers' votes seem to be very much at variance with those of your unattributed poll. Your readers said:
    Cameron 29.64%
    Clegg 50.90%
    Brown 18.56%

    Your home page headline says "Scarmbled Clegg" and that "Cameron's full of beans". Seems that you have egg on your face and that the beans are generating some malodorous hot air! Why take the trouble to run a readers' poll and then hide its results? Surely it wouldn't be because the results didn't show what you wanted them to? If so, shame on you”

    And here is the second:

    "The Sun Vote page is headlined "Sun Vote: making your voice heard!". However, it seems not to be living up to its promise.. The Sun Vote post-debate poll was showing the following final figures in the early hours of this morning:
    Clegg 50.90%
    Cameron 29.64%
    Brown 18.56%

    Then, a short while later, the poll results were removed and are nowhere to be found. Why are you muffling the voice of your readership?"

    As the Independent had carried a story on 23 April about the Sun suppressing their YouGov poll that week ( I got onto them about it: they said it was a great story, but couldn't take it further without screen shot evidence. Perhaps you could contact them - would be great exposure for your blog, but also help put the Sun in its place.

    Best regards,
    John burt

  • [...] has shown as much with some number-crunching on Sun polls, which show that its readers believe that Clegg won the third debate; Sun readers aren’t fussed about a hung parliament; and that a poll apparently showing Mums [...]

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