10 more sites that stupidly try to ban you from linking to them
July 15, 2012 – 6:44 pm | One Comment

Even more sites that try to bank you from linking to them in the terms. Make it stop.

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Has Carter Ruck silenced Sidewiki?
October 21, 2009 – 1:30 pm | 3 Comments
Has Carter Ruck silenced Sidewiki?

I pointed out that the Mail has failed to shake off its Jan Moir sidewikis by moving URL. But it seems that the power of Carter Ruck may prevail where the Mail cannot.

I pointed out the other day that someone had Sidewikied the Carter Ruck homepage. But the Cater Ruck Sidewiki has now vanished. Try and read it directly and you get an error page (Note to Google - work on your 404s).

Full details and analysis of Carter Ruck’s new attempt to gag Parliament
October 15, 2009 – 8:34 pm | 3 Comments

Having failed to stop the Guardian reporting an MP asking a question about Trafigura and the injunction concerning the Minton report, Carter Ruck is making a second attempt to gag Parliament.

Google Sidewiki, Carter Ruck and the Trafigura injunction
October 13, 2009 – 11:43 pm | One Comment

I wrote a sidewiki about Trafigura. Then i chickened out and deleted it straightaway.