10 more sites that stupidly try to ban you from linking to them
July 15, 2012 – 6:44 pm | One Comment

Even more sites that try to bank you from linking to them in the terms. Make it stop.

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Facebook login: the best comments on the readwriteweb fiasco
February 14, 2010 – 11:44 pm | 4 Comments

You may have seen the news that ReadWriteWeb posted a story about facebook's login. It appeared at the top of google for a search on "facebook login", leading to, allegedly, 000s of people turning up and trying to log in to facebook.

Here are the best of the 1,500-odd comments, to save you the trouble of ploughing through them. After the first page or so, most of the "I want to log in" comments appear to be jokes - leading to the suspicion that after the first few genuinely confused people, this massive thread is, in fact, between people pretending to be idiots, and people claiming they can't believe people are such idiots.