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Telegraph tops Digg list

February 20, 2009 One Comment

The Daily Telegraph has had more stories submitted to Digg, the social news website for sharing content, than any other UK newspaper site.

It lost out to Times Online in StumbleUpon, but the Telegraph has had more stories submitted overall, and has had more stories that made it to the front pages of Digg.

Submisions to Digg

The table shows the number of  results at Digg, using its 'URL only search' to show how many stories were sumbitted from the URLs of the main weekday papers' sites.

Clicking on the links will take you the search results at Digg for all stories. The table is, however, ranked by stories that made it to Digg's front pages (ie popular stories on Digg).

Newspaper site Stories Digged - all Diggs Stories Digged - front page Diggs only Most Diggs on a story
Telegraph 16,410 1,005 7,653
Daily Mail 11,055 885 6,739
Guardian 12,750 540 7,711
Times Online 7,140 405 4,272
The Independent 3,390 105 3,843
The Sun 3,855 105 5,767
FT 3,355 50 2,238
Mirror 960 20 2,513

All 8 sites have a Digg button on their news stories (unlike with StumbleUpon, where the Times and Sun had most submissions, despite not haveing an SU button on their pages).

Diggs vs visitors

Digg numbers will be affected by visitors. The table belows shows the ABCes figures for visitors in December 2008 (the FT doesn't publish this figure).  The final column shows the number of front-page Diggs per million visitors.

The figures could be misleading - as it compares every Digg ever made with traffic levels in one month. But it seems to show that visitors to the Telegraph and Mail do a much better job at getting people to Digg their pages.

Newspaper site Front page Diggs Million users Diggs per million users
Telegraph 1005 21.1 47.6
Daily Mail 885 19.7 44.9
Guardian 540 22.8 23.7
Times Online 405 19.1 21.2
The Independent 105 8.7 12.1
The Sun 105 19 5.5
Mirror 20 5.3 3.8
FT 50 n/a n/a

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